Curious about strawberry blonde hair?


Most girls like changes in their looks – new clothes, new shoes, different color nails, experiment with challenging lipstick colors and eye shadows and of course hair style or hair color. I’m not going to talk about extreme hair colors like purple, green or rainbow colored hair, this article will be about strawberry blonde hair.

Is strawberry blonde for everyone?

If you like it, then yes, strawberry blonde is for you! Every color has many tones, you just need to find the one that suits for you the best. Strawberry blonde hair usually refers to light blonde hair with just a warm golden reddish tone, this kind of tone will go best with women who have warm-toned skin or pale skin with freckles. If you have more intense natural overall color with darker skin, brown or light brown hair than you should choose bit darker strawberry blonde hair tone otherwise you risk at looking a bit washed-out.

How to choose my strawberry blonde hair tone?

I know I just said which hair tone you should choose, but these are just suggestions. Who’s to say, maybe it will look stunning on you, choose the tone you like the most and go with it. I would suggest to go to good hairdresser and look at already colored hair samples they have and try to put it near your face, skin, just to see if you like how the tones go together. If your hairdresser is good he should suggest a couple of tones that would go best with your skin tone. If you don’t trust your hairdresser in making these kinds of choices for you, you should try those many applications that offer you to change your hair, make-up etc.

Should I do my strawberry blonde hair at home?

If you already have natural light blonde hair you might try to do strawberry blonde at home, but I always suggest you to go to professionals. First of all, they have hair colors that are more hair-friendly than those that you can find in most shops. Second of all, you may spend a bit more money, but remember that your attempt to be a hairdresser can reflect rather badly on your hair and to fix that you may have to spend maybe even more money that just going to the hairdresser in the first place, trust me I’ve been there more times than I can even say out loud. Third of all, as I said before hairdresser can help you to choose just the right tone for your perfect strawberry blonde hair.

Here are a few gorgeous and popular strawberry blonde hair tones for a little inspiration on your strawberry blond journey.

If you are a blonde who likes to experiment with different hair tones and have already tried strawberry blonde, here is another article on another gorgeous hair tone – silver blonde and how to keep it silver not yellow.



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