Short Hair Ombre for blondes

pixie ombre

Who said that ombre looks good only on long hair? Nonsense, when done right, short hair ombre can be just as gorgeous as long hair ombre. So, what length do I mean when I say ‘short hair’? Well, you can do a great ombre even with pixie and as for medium length bobs, they are perfect for ombre too.

Let’s start with soft short hair ombre

If you don’t like that high contrast hair color between your hair roots and hair ends you can choose colors that are not so different and even blend it more with some highlights like in these examples. If you are not the one always needs to stand out than these short hair ombre ideas are for you.

Colorful roots blonde short hair ombre

Now these ombres are my favorite kind. When done right these ombres with blonde or silver hair and colorful hair roots are just stunning. Even if you don’t choose high contrast colors and choose light pastel tones for your roots it still looks very stylish and chic. Here are some ideas for inspiration.

High color contrast short hair ombre

This is the most classic and most common ombre. But the possibilities of color variation are almost endless. So if you are the brave one and like to stand out, turn heads and be amazed by others here are some non-standard ombres for you.

Pixie hair ombre

Maybe it will surprise you but you can do some amazing very edgy looking ombres on pixie hair too. And a lot of girls who choose to do ombre on pixie hair choose some brave colors too. So, if you have pixie hair and are ready to change it up a bit here are some great pixie hair ombre ideas.

What hair style to choose when having the perfect short hair ombre?

Ombre will look great on straight hair, but to really turn heads the soft waves are the way to go. How to do soft waves? The simplest way is to do it with your hair straightener. Just take a strand of hair and put it between hair straightener pan as if you wanted to straighten the hair, but instead of just sliding it down straight, turn your hair straightener in circles when sliding it down your hair. Here is a great YouTube tutorial on how to do soft waves with hair straightener. And this does not apply just on medium length bobs, soft waves will look amazing on pixie hair too. Here are some examples on short hair ombre with soft waves.

Here are some more ideas on choosing your ombre color.



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