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There are a lot of popular blond hair tones such as strawberry blonde, silver blonde, gray blonde, dark blonde etc. Each of these tones need different hair care to maintain the perfect tone at all times, wouldn’t damage your hair and would not ask you to run to your hairdresser every two weeks. Light blond hair is hard to keep just blond without yellow tone starting to take over, so light silver tone is the perfect solution to that problem and plus it is very popular now and will fit perfectly for girls who like cold tones. If you have chosen the light silver blonde hair tone then you are in the right place because in this article I will give you these great tips how to maintain silver blonde hair tone.

The magic of purple shampoo

I have tried many different conditioners, shampoos, masks and lemons, vinegar, baking soda etc. In this situation, the easiest way is the best way – purple shampoo. I suggest you don’t experiment with homemade hair masks and for the love of god don’t try to color your own hair – that is never! a good idea, believe me, I have learned this lesson the hard way… 3 times! (haha…haaa) I have tried such shampoos as John Frieda, Joico, Bed Head, Loreal etc. but they all have conditioners they suggest you to use as well. So in my experience the best purple shampoo is – . It is not very expensive, it smells nice, the bottle is easy to use (you don’t need to take the cork off or squeeze the bottle for something to come out, you just press the dozer), and one bottle will last very long.


I like very light gray hair so what I do is first I wash my hair with regular aqua powering shampoo and then take some of purple shampoo and mix it in my hand with some of the regular shampoo and put it in my hair and wait for like 1 or 2 minutes then wash it out and use my regular conditioner. If you want you can use just the purple shampoo, but then leave it in just for like 20 – 30 seconds, because it is very strong. With this shampoo, you can create all kinds of silver tones from very light silver blonde hair to rich silver blonde tones.

Keep your light silver blonde hair healthy

Not a lot of you young ladies have natural gray hair, so it means that you color your hair, dye your hair, use purple shampoos, masks etc. and even though the package says that it contains many natural herbs and so on, it is not making your hair healthier, so my advice is this – use vitamins, use hair strengthening masks, avoid using hairdryers, hair straighteners, curlers, avoid being in direct sunlight, because as you know the sun is natural though very damaging hair bleacher. Try not to wash your hair so often, because the silver tone washes out and you will need to use purple shampoo more often. More tips on how to keep your hair healthy here.




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