How to grow long blonde hair?


how to grow long blonde hair

Here you will find everyday tips on how to grow long blonde hair. If you google ‘ how to grow long blonde hair ’ there are thousands of different articles that will try to help you do that. But they all are mostly just copies of those 10 to 20 legitimate articles that can really help you grow stronger and healthier hair. These tips I am about to give you are tested by myself and they really work. Of course if you put the time and effort to actually do them not just once or twice, but at least a few months.

Protecting your blonde hair

As I wrote in the article about healthy blonde hair before: one of the most important things to making your blond hair healthier ergo grow long faster – you need to protect your hair from heat. Try avoiding to use hair dryers, curlers, straighteners etc. A lot of girls use heat-protection sprays. Well, I am sure that it is better than not using any protection for your hair, but let’s not fool ourselves that your hair is 100% protected from the heat while using these sprays. Try giving your hair a break. Let them be as the nature intended them to be and to achieve this goal try my alternatives for these hair-damaging devices.

how to grow long blonde hair

For faster blonde hair growth

I am sure that you have bought and tried different types of hair masks for faster hair growth. Because the commercial was so convincing or the package said all the things that you wanted to hear. I am not judging you. I have tried at least 10 or even more different products for faster hair growth, but unfortunately not one of them has ever helped me.

So, I decided to turn for help to nature and tried casserole oil and started using it as hair mask. But it was very messy and hard to put it in my hair so I added another great-for-hair oil – coconut oil. So, to make this mask you will need a small dish where to put casserole and coconut oil 1:1 (the amount of oils depends of your hair length and volume). Then boil some water and pour it into bigger dish. Then put the mixed oils dish in the hot water and stir till the coconut oil melts. And that’s all, you can put it in your hair. Start with the top of your head and go through all your hair till the end. Leave the mask in for at least 3 hours, but it would be perfect if you left it overnight. Actually there are a lot of great best homemade overnight hair masks. Your hair will start to grow faster, thicker ad begins to grow volume. Check out some more all-natural hair masks for faster hair growth.

how to grow long blonde hair

Shampoo and conditioner for blonde hair

I know that all those shampoo and conditioner commercials with beautiful woman and their beautiful, strong hair can make you want to buy them. And when you are in the store and see some popular brand’s hair care line. And you see that it is expensive and think to yourself – this must be very good and effective. I have fallen for this trap many times – Kardashian, CHI, John Frieda etc. But I suggest you to look for your shampoo, conditioner etc. in a pharmacy. They have the best stuff for your hair. And while you are there ask for some vitamins or look for for foods that will make my hair grow faster your hair/skin/nails it will help your blonde hair as well.



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