Beer rinse: is it good for my hair?

beer rinse

Washing hair with water? That’s old news. We try to use different natural homemade hair masks, shampoos and conditioners and change theme quite often. So why not do the same with water? In this article we will mix it up and try the beer rinse. Hair rinses have many benefits: moisture, dandruff, hair growth etc. And the best of all these are chemical free hair rinses. We will try beer rinse and share our wisdom with you.

beer rinse

Beer rinse for dull hair

Yes, it is true, yeasty brew beer can give your dull hair that strength and shine you’ve been longing for. The only bad thing about this hair rinse is if you are a beer lover and you’d rather drink it than wash your hair with it. Or for some the smell of beer can be a bit disturbing, but we have a way of fixing that too. And now about the good things.

Why beer rinse?

  • Beer is protein packed and that strengthens your hair. Yes, beer’s core ingredients are hops and malt that are just full of protein. If your hair is severely damaged, the beer rinse has the power to repair your hair to its first lusciousness. It can also repair the heat damage of straightening, blow drying, curling etc. The protein and nutrients help rehydrate your hair. Also, as the protein binds with your hair cuticles it makes your hair shinier by making your hair reflect the light rinse
  • The hair cuticle is formed from dead cells which are overlapping in layers. They form scales that give hair the strength it needs to provide protection for it. When your hair is damaged the cuticle, cells are rough and raised. And to change that your hair needs strengthening and moisturizing, beer can help you with that. The proteins in beer help to repair the damaged cuticles.
  • Beer also has a lot of vitamin B which in combination with natural sugars will help to make your hair shinier as well.
  • Also, beer has alcohol in it which works as a deep cleansing. Although, I should mention that there are some experts that claim that alcohol can make your hair drier. But as long as you don’t use it too often, you will be fine. So, do the rinse no more than twice a month.

beer rinse

How to use beer rinse?

No, don’t worry you won’t have to wash your hair with just beer if you don’t want to. One way to do it is: You will need about 60 milliliters of beer and about the same amount of water. The beer should be non-alcoholic and the best is if you open it and let it sit for overnight, so it would turn totally flat. And to kill that beer smell you can add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

First wash your hair with just water and dry it a bit with the towel (it’s not absolutely necessary if you don’t have the time to do it). Then slowly start to pour the beer mixture on to your hair covering all the roots and hair ends. Let it sit in for about 3 to 5 minutes. Then wash out with warm water. After that use a conditioner as per usual.

beer rinse

If you don’t add anything to the beer mixture to cover the smell, you can just wash it with colder water again and conditioner will help as well. I will add that many women choose not to use conditioner after this rinse, but it’s your choice. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

Other way to do it is just brush your hair, take the warm, flat beer and pour it on to your hair till it is totally wet from hair roots to hair ends. Let it sit in for 3 to 5 minutes and wash out with warm water and then again with cooler water. Use conditioner as per usual and wash it out with cooler water to help lock in the moisture of the hair.

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Curly hair love beer rinse

This rinse will work fabulously on curly hair. It will help to get back that bouncy, perfectly structured, natural curl.


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