How to do your own washout ombre

loreal colorista hair dye

Let’s face it ombre is one of the best inventions in hair color world. It has so many varieties and possibilities and when done right it will look amazing on any girl. In this article I will explain in simple steps how to do your own washout ombre. As always – if you want long lasting color ombre I advise you to go to professional hairdresser.

Usually when you buy wash-out hair color masks it already comes with everything you need – the mask and gloves for your hand protection. Here are some things that will help you to make the process easier and more precise. Hair comb, plastic dish and hair color brush. It’s not that you have to have these things, but… Hair comb helps to spread the color mask on your hair more evenly. These hair color masks usually come in tubes so it is easier to squeeze out all the mask in one dish that take the tube with your color-covered hands over and over again, this just leaves you with smaller mess. You can put the color on your hair with your hands, but it is just easier and less messy to use hair color brush to do that.

Ok, now, let’s go over some simple steps on how to do your own washout ombre.

  1. Choosing wash-out color mask.

When choosing your color keep in mind that you can’t always trust the color on the box. The result depends on your own hair color and the time how long you keep the color in your hair after applying it. But don’t be afraid if on your first attempt you fail to achieve the hair color you have imagined. You will gain experience, find the perfect hair color mask brand and color and meet your goals. The most popular, good quality and affordable I find the Colorista line of wash-out colors from Loreal, but don’t stop just there try other brands too.

  1. Trust the instructions in the box

There is no way around it – trust the instructions in the box and apply the hair color on dry or wet hair (as the box says) and for as long as the box says. Use your hand with the glove or the hair color brush to apply the color on your hair and then brush your hair with hair comb to even out the color. When you have done applying the color it is best that you don’t tie your hair up and just leave it straight, so be prepared to dirty your clothes or just wear a towel.

hair dye color example

  1. Timing on hair dye

Keep in mind that if your natural hair color is light then the color will look more intense after keeping it the max time the box says compared to if you have darker hair color. Wash out, blow out and enjoy!

I know these are just a few small tips, so here is one awesome video on youtube from @Inthefrow on how to do your own washout ombre with Colorista from Loreal. At the beginning of the video she gives some hair care tips and the real coloring stuff starts about 5:18.

Have a great day and a stunning ombre!

P.S. Here are some ideas for some awesome creative ombres.



  1. […] But it’s time to spice up that blonde ombre with fresh colors, cause let’s face it blonde-brown and blonde-grey ombres you can see everywhere these days. And you know what is one of the best parts? I usually advise girls to go to hairdresser if you want to color your hair, but this here will be an exception. You can buy all kinds of different wash-out color masks at almost any store and usually they come with all the tools and instructions needed to color your hair. And it is so easy to do that you just can’t screw it up and even if in some bizarre way you do, don’t worry because it will wash out after 2-3 times. See here how to do your own ombre. […]


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