Saturday, May 25, 2019

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hair health Here, my foxy ladies, you can find tips for everyday hair care, natural and homemade hair care, seek for inspiration for your new hair style or simply educate yourself with what is good for your hair health.

When to seek for help of a Trichologist

What does a trichology’s do? When should I go to trichologist?

When you are having hair or scalp problems someone might suggest you to go to “hair doctor”. What they probably mean is a doctor...
homemade banana hair mask

Vitamin packed homemade banana hair mask

Of all the possible great natural homemade hair masks, the homemade banana hair mask is my favorite. Bananas are quite cheap fruit and it is...
strawberry hair mask

Marvelous homemade strawberry hair masks

Did you know that strawberries are not just tasty berries that are good for you to eat and they are amazing for your hair...

All about that natural homemade avocado hair mask

After telling you a bit about avocado I will give you 3 simple and effective natural homemade avocado hair mask recipes, so if you...
pixie ombre

Short Hair Ombre for blondes

Who said that ombre looks good only on long hair? Nonsense, when done right, short hair ombre can be just as gorgeous as long...
blonde ombre variations

Many wonderful blonde ombre variations

Lets dive in creative and a bit challenging blonde ombre variations world. If you are a blonde or have decided to be blonde, you have...