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hair health Here, my foxy ladies, you can find tips for everyday hair care, natural and homemade hair care, seek for inspiration for your new hair style or simply educate yourself with what is good for your hair health.

stages from brunette to blonde

Best way going from brunette to blonde

Almost every woman at some point at her life wants to change something in their looks. More than often it is a new hairstyle,...
loreal colorista hair dye

How to do your own washout ombre

Let’s face it ombre is one of the best inventions in hair color world. It has so many varieties and possibilities and when done right...

Maintaining light silver blonde hair

      There are a lot of popular blond hair tones such as strawberry blonde, silver blonde, gray blonde, dark blonde etc. Each of these tones...
blonde ombre variations

Many wonderful blonde ombre variations

Lets dive in creative and a bit challenging blonde ombre variations world. If you are a blonde or have decided to be blonde, you have...
How to choose the right hair tone

How to choose the right hair tone? Which skin tone do I have?

There are a lot of different tones of blonde and brunette but generally they can be put in two groups which are – warm...

Healthy blonde hair

You probably have heard this before, but your hair doesn't like heat - it damages your hair especially your blond hair, because as you...