Many wonderful blonde ombre variations

blonde ombre variations

Lets dive in creative and a bit challenging blonde ombre variations world.

If you are a blonde or have decided to be blonde, you have the best hair to get creative. Blonde hair is the easiest to dye and try all the wash-out shampoo colors. If you are like me you like changes in your wardrobe, nails and most definitely – hair. It gives such a positive boost when you try new different things, even if it’s just a braver and maybe a bit crazy hair color, highlights or ombre. The latest trend is brown to blonde hair ombre, a lot of celebrities have tried it, starting with Miley Cyrus, Blake Lively and ending with Ciara, Drew Berimore and Khloe Kardashian.

But it’s time to spice up that blonde ombre with fresh colors, cause let’s face it blonde-brown and blonde-grey ombres you can see everywhere these days. And you know what is one of the best parts? I usually advise girls to go to hairdresser if you want to color your hair, but this here will be an exception. You can buy all kinds of different wash-out color masks at almost any store and usually they come with all the tools and instructions needed to color your hair. And it is so easy to do that you just can’t screw it up and even if in some bizarre way you do, don’t worry because it will wash out after 2-3 times. See here how to do your own ombre.

So here are some ideas on blonde ombre variations and how to stand out with your beautiful blonde hair ombre.

Blonde ombre variations: Blonde and pink ombre

As always, I will start with my own personal favorite blonde – pink ombre. This look is so romantic and feminine if you choose light pink warm tones and perfect for summertime. This ombre will fit for every blonde tone girl, if you have silver, gray, platinum, strawberry etc. blonde roots it will fit you perfectly. Here are some gorgeous examples of blonde and pink ombre.

Blonde ombre variations: Blonde and purple ombre

As pink, purple also has a lot of color verities, deep dark purple to light and fresh lilacs purple. When I did purple ombre I did my roots platinum blond/silver blonde so that is my favorite combination, I like to choose cold hair tone roots for purple ombre. So here are some ideas for your blonde – purple ombre.

Blonde ombre variations: Blonde and blue ombre

For me this I think is the bravest ombre, this is for girls who really want to stand out and when done right it is just gorgeous. Just imagine you on your vacation with that beautiful blue and blonde ombre taking photos in front of that amazingly blue ocean… Like purple I also recommend mixing this colour with cold tones blonde. Here are some ideas for your inspiration.

I know that there are some more colors to do your blond ombre with, but these three – pink, purple and blue in my opinion are the most beautiful and every girl can pull them off. Green, red, yellow etc. are just not my colors I guess.

Always keep in mind that it is fun to do reverse ombre and color your roots in different color, not your hair ends.  And remember not to be afraid of bright colors –  the best part is – you can be as creative and brave as you want with these colors, because they will wash out in one week and when you have tried all the colors and really loved one of theme, you can color it permanently. And also remember to find out How to choose the right hair tone just for you.



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