Best way going from brunette to blonde

stages from brunette to blonde
Stages from brunette to blonde

Almost every woman at some point at her life wants to change something in their looks. More than often it is a new hairstyle, haircut, highlights or color. I myself wanted to become a blonde from brunette as well. But my natural hair color is blonde, then I went black – to brunette and later on I started my journey to becoming a blonde as well. Becoming from brunette to blonde is more difficult than from light color to dark. You have to be very careful not to ruin your hair structure since there is no way around it, you have to use bleach to get your hair color lighter. So, let’s star our best way going from brunette to blonde.

From brunette to blonde Khloe Kardashian
From brunette to blonde Khloe Kardashian

Can I color my hair from brunette to blonde myself?

Going from darker hair color to lighter hair color is always more difficult than other way around. For starters, there is no way to go from brunette to blonde in one sitting. Well, that is if you don’t want to damage your hair almost irreversibly. First of all, as you know hairdressers, they have hair colors that are more hair-friendly than those that you can find in most shops. And if the hairdresser is really good than keeping your hair healthy is always going to be a priority. Because sometimes you may want something that is too much of damage for hair to handle. And a good hairdresser will explain to you pros and cons of your decision ad will give you great advice.

stages from brunette to blonde
Stages from brunette to blonde

Second of all, the con is that you may spend a bit more money when going to hairdresser. But remember that your attempt to be a hairdresser can reflect rather badly on your hair. And to fix that you may have to spend even more money and more time than just going to the hairdresser in the first place. Trust me, my foxies, I’ve been there more times than I even dare to say out loud. Third of all, hairdresser can help you to choose just the right tone that will suit for your skin type.

How to know which shade of blonde to choose?

Most often when coloring your hair in any color the first thing to find out how to choose the right hair tone is to find out which skin tone do you have. All the hair tones can be put in two groups – warm tones and cool tones, but for hair there is also neutral hair tone. Neutral hair tone mostly goes well with both warm and cool skin tones. If you don’t know your skin tone already, then there are many easy tests on how to find out your skin tone. You can find them here: How to choose the right hair tone. Also remember that a good hairdresser will suggest you the best hair tone for you as well. Here are some photos of different kinds of blonde for a little inspiration to you.

How long does it take to go from brunette to blonde?

As I said before you can’t go from brunette to blonde in one sitting. If you go to hairdresser that says that he will do it in one session don’t hesitate ad run straight out of there. You don’t need a hairdresser who doesn’t see your hair health as a priority. You have to except that after first hairdresser appointment your hair color isn’t going to look as you wanted it to look. It’s advisable to let your hair to rest for at least three or four days before coloring it. In these 4 days try to condition your hair as much as possible.

Stages from brunette to blonde

How to fight with Yellow hair problem?

For every blonde the worst nightmare is when your hair starts to look yellow. To maintain silver blonde hair the purple hair care products can work miracles. There are purple shampoos, purple conditioners and purple hair masks etc. But don’t get to carried away with those, remember that though it’s not a hair color it still damages your hair a bit, so it’s better to use hair masks that are a bit stronger than shampoo, but you will have to use it only once a week or once in two weeks.

purple shampoo


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